As the oldest of the major American sports, baseball has a rich and checkered history as well as a number of well established sporting traditions. It has a huge schedule of 162 games every season and, for many baseball fans, daily betting is a habit that adds a great deal of enjoyment to watching the games. Because of this schedule, good online research will often help you uncover favorable odds on a consistent basis. This is quite unlike football, for instance, where bookmakers have a whole week between teams to adjust the odds.

Easily the most popular forms of betting are the money line and the over/under. The money line is a pretty straightforward bet on which team will win the game without any complications or further calculation. The odds are determined by several factors such as the strength of the team and the home advantage. One of the biggest factors however is how the starting pitchers match up. Playing a top class pitcher can turn the underdogs into the favorites. The minus figure after the favorite tells you how much you need to bet to win $100 (for instance, -130 means that you will need to bet $130 to win $100). The plus figure after the underdog tells you how much you will win on a bet of $100 (for example, plus 130 means that you will win $130 for a bet of $100).

Bookmakers will also put out a total of what they think the scores of both teams put together will be. For instance, you may see a total of 7.5 runs (the decimal figure is to avoid ties so that you have a clear-cut winner or loser). If you think the figure will be below those, you bet the under and if you think the figure will be above, you bet the over บอล. A less popular but often profitable bet is the run line which works like a points spread where you deduct 1.5 runs from the favorite and add 1.5 runs to the underdog.

Here are some pointers to winning strategies:

Betting the underdog. In terms of straight mathematics, it often makes sense to bet the underdog if you can find reasonable odds. For instance, if you consistently bet underdogs at + 120, you only need to win approximately 45% of the time to come out even. At + 140, this figure drops to around 42%. Conversely, if you consistently bet favorites at 150, you will need to win 60% of the time. Consider these figures in the light of the fact that even bad teams win about 37% of the time.

Do not overemphasize the starting pitchers. Certainly, the starting pitchers do make a difference and it is more important to pitch well than to hit well. However, there are only a handful of pitchers who are truly outstanding and the rest or more are less equal.

Home advantage is not decisive. Most teams adapt pretty quickly to away conditions though, sometimes, the design of the ballpark may favor teams who play a particular style. It is true that many parks favor either hitters or pitchers when the advantage applies equally to both teams. In fact, it can often find good value in visiting teams because home advantage has been over emphasized in the case of mediocre home teams.

Streaks do happen. Winning or losing streaks are a fact in baseball and you should take this into consideration while betting. Try not to bet against a team on a winning streak or on a team with a losing streak.

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