If you’re bored of doing traditional dumbbell or barbell exercises, then switch things up a bit with this fat-burning medicine ball workout. Below, you’ll find a combination of circuits, ab training, and power exercises that will give you an all-day metabolism-boost with just one piece of equipment, the medicine ball.

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Now, if you’re trying to decide what size of ball to get, I recommend an 8lb ball for men and maybe a 4-6lb ball for women.

In this circuit you will complete all exercises with no rest between. If this is your first time through the workout, then just go through it once. However, if you are advanced, then you can repeat the circuit two to three times in total 최상위파워볼 .

Starting out, you will do the Squat Press. In this exercise, squat down and then press up, by pushing your hips back, squatting down, and then driving up, while lifting the ball overhead.

Next is the Big Circles exercise. Start with the ball overhead, and rotate the ball down and around. Be sure to keep your abs braced throughout.

After the Big Circles, you will perform the Power Golf Squat Chop. To get into proper position, get in a nice wide stance, bring the ball up and over and then drive down to the opposite foot. Do all repetitions for one side and then switch over.

Next, you will do Decline Push ups. So, place your feet on the ball and then perform a regular push up.

Once you’ve done all the repetitions for the push ups, follow that with Diagonal Lunge Chops. For this exercise, you want to start with the ball overhead, and then lunge forward while chopping the ball across your body. Alternate sides.

Medicine Ball Leg Curls is the next exercise and it’s a difficult one. Put your feet on the ball, bridge your hips up, and then roll the ball out and back in. If you’re not able to do that one, then alternatively, you can do hip bridges.

These next two exercises in the circuit are optional, but do them if you can. The first is Pull ups with the medicine ball between your feet. So, stand in front of a pull up bar, grab an overhand grip, squeeze the ball with your feet, and then pull your chest up to the bar.

Once you come down from the Pull ups, move right into Medicine Ball Slams. In this exercise, you will step forward and drive the ball down into the ground. Grab the ball, and then alternate feet positions and slam the ball into the ground.

It’s okay to skip both of those exercises if you’re unable to do them.

To finish off the circuit, you’ll do Power Swings. This will be like a Woodchopping movement, but with more power. Start with the ball up overhead and then swing it down and up. For this exercise, there will be more extension at the top and you’ll be getting up on the balls of your feet during the exercise. Repeat this movement.

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