If you have a toenail infection, you probably know by now that the suggested remedies on the internet just aren’t powerful enough to get rid of a heavy toenail infection. I have had an ongoing nail infection on my big toe and the 2 next to it, and I have tried literally every home remedy to try and remove my nail fungus. While some definitely worked, none of them had enough power to get rid of the toe nail infection permanately.

Here are some of the things I have tried:

Tea Tree Oil – I have seen this method promoted all over the place. I tried soaking for about 2 weeks and I saw hardly any improvements. While I didn’t stick it out, I just didn’t Fungus Clear feel like it was worth my time and effort considering I saw better results with other solutions.

Vinegar Foot Bath – I thought this method was going to work considering it cleared up a lot of the fungus on my nails within 2 weeks worth of soaking it. However, after the second week, the improvements really started to drop off. I think the fungus can somehow build up an immunity to it. Within 3 weeks, I saw hardly any improvement from week 2. While it definitely worked well the first two weeks, it just lacked the power needed to kill a strong infection.

Finally I found something that worked!

I was just about ready to give up on my nail infection and went to my doctor to see if there was any pills or medicines he could give me to solve the problem. He also suggested the vinegar foot bath might work. I told him I tried it and didn’t see too good of results. That is when he told me about an over the counter solution called ZetaClear. This stuff rocks your socks off! Within a week of applying it, I noticed an almost immediate clearing of the nail fungus. The best part about it, is it actually cleared my infection all together. Look out my resource box below for my personal review of ZetaClear.

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