Drug abuse is one of the most serious problems facing human civilization. Helping to create a drug free human civilization is one of the objectives of me, my blog and my businesses. It is a facet of holistic, healthy and wealthy living.

When human beings take drugs, the drugs upset the natural and healthy balance of chemistry in the body. The drugs flow through the circulatory system to every cell in the body.

The most important way the drugs degrade human consciousness is by degrading the neurotransmitter pathways in the central nervous system.

For example, alcohol mimics the neurotransmitter dopamine. The alcohol molecule fits into the dopamine receptors in the synapses, the points where neurons contact each other in the incredibly complex and vast array of patterns from which human consciousness arises. Not only do the alcohol molecules cause the drunkenness, but when neurons sense that the dopamine receptors are already occupied they stop manufacturing dopamine, which causes a very severe and possibly even fatal, withdrawal syndrome.

Cocaine occupies the seratonin re-uptake receptors so that neurons can’t reabsorb the serotonin molecules released into the synapse when certain neurons fire. This leaves a cloud of serotonin floating around and again, the neurons stop producing serotonin in response to the excess serotonin they sense floating around them.

The THC in marijuana mimics the neurotransmitter anandamide. Most drugs primarily affect the limbic system which is the seat of human emotion. Our emotions are aspects of our motives, which are intimately associated with our will. The drugs take control of our will, which is very harmful to our human nature, destroying our creative freedom.

Most of the anandamide receptors, on the other hand, are located in the brain stem, which generates our heartbeat and breathing, etc., and the reproductive system. When people use heroin they don’t feel pain, but when they use marijuana they feel the pain, they just don’t care.

I’ve also read that using marijuana causes the synapses of all neurons to spread apart, weakening the connection Synapse xt between neurons, contributing to the disorganized thinking and degradation of memory.

These descriptions of the pharmacological effects of THC match and explain the well known sociological and behavioral effects of acute (intoxication) as well as chronic symptoms of using THC.

The influence that abusing these drugs is having in the midst of human civilization are very profound. Not only are they devastating the individual human beings who use them and their families and friends, they are also influencing the progress of human civilization in very harmful ways.

We have severe penalties for driving while intoxicated, and rightly so. What are the result of parenting while intoxicated, or managing a business, of serving as a leader in government or any other human activity.

Using drugs for legitimate medical reasons under the care of a qualified physician is, of course, natural and healthy. The pharmacological effects of drugs can be used to help people in certain circumstances. Most illness is a result of chemical imbalance in the human organism. Sometime drugs can be used to restore a healthy balance.

In my opinion, drugs and surgery should be used rarely and as a last resort. They are a violently invasive means of treating illness, that often has side effects that are worse than the original disease. The body will usually heal itself if is treated respectfully and given the natural resources it needs to grow healthy.

Human civilization has recognized the harmful effects that drug abuse has on individual human beings and on human civilization as a whole. We are taking action to slow down, stop and eventually, completely and permanently eliminate drug abuse.

Earth is a drug free zone. The United Nations Office of Drug Control and Crime Prevention is measuring the problem. The small office of people consults with medical and law enforcement agencies in all countries sharing best practice ideas about how to stop drug abuse and interdict drug trafficking.

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