What to do if you feel as though you have been a victim of a medical mistake? Medical mistakes account for about 200,000 deaths each year in the United States alone. Cases of medical malpractice or medical negligence can occur in small clinics, family practices, on board cruise ship medical facilities or even in a large, seemingly well- functioning medical facility. Determining who is at fault for the mistake is often the hardest part to resolve.

Victims of medical malpractice or negligence have put their care and safety in the hands of medical professionals and often at the most vulnerable time of their lives. To have someone take advantage of them or to not have their best interests at heart while performing their care can be damaging to the future care and recovery of that victim. In home care services order to move forward individuals who feel as though they have been victims need to be able to determine if the care in which they received was in fact negligence or malpractice.

Medical negligence is determined by an individual ignoring or failing to take action that ultimately leads to the patient getting hurt in some way; physically, financially, mentally or otherwise. Medical negligence may seem, at times, unintentional, however doctors, nurses and other medical professionals have certain codes that they are expected to uphold, therefore it is their duty to treat and care for individuals in a manner that will not affect them negatively.

Medical malpractice is determined by the intentional acts or non-action of a doctor, nurse or medical team that ends in harm to the patient. This harm can include further injury, affect their recovery or even, ultimately, result in the patient’s death. If someone believes that they have been a victim of either they need to seek a second or third medical opinion as quickly as possible. They should also obtain copies of all medical records to ensure they will be able to get the care that they need.

Whether a victim of medical negligence or medical malpractice it is important that patients continue to receive care to assist them on the road to recovery. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible after their ordeal may be one of the best options to ensure they will get the care that they deserve and that they will have someone to help them sort out the details. As they continue to be cared for, an attorney will be working to ensure they are receiving the best care and to figure out what actually happened. Often there are firms that specialize in cases of medical malpractice and victim’s rights and usually these firms do not charge a fee unless there is a monetary settlement on behalf of their client.

If someone is unsure if they have a case of medical malpractice a quick call to an attorney can help sort it out. In the meantime it is important to keep tabs on all paperwork pertaining to the incident, to write down as much as possible about the incident and to take someone with them to any follow up appointments or meetings to ensure that someone else hears anything that is said in reference to the incident.

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