Bangkok is a vibrant city that is on a constant fast track in the circle of life. This is a metropolis that is typically unrestrained in its magnificence and expression of its passion to live life to the maximum. A step into this city will send one’s senses reeling, with some of its best features are its utter blend of traditional and yet contemporary attitude that is carefully articulated into its surroundings.

Dubbed as the “Venice of the East”, Bangkok offers an irresistible trip down the canals with the most captivating oriental romance that drifts along on the quiet waters of unchanged beauty. With the picturesque view of little wooden homes, markets afloat, little captivations of flora that make a huge difference on the water’s edge crossing through a network of canals in the serene rhythm of life in the midst of the hustle and bustle of a fast growing city is a temptation faced by every visitor to Bangkok อนิเมะพากย์ไทย.

A cherished pride is the hallowed Temple of the Emerald Buddha – Wat Phra Kaew bordered by the legend and splendor of the ostentatious Palace, Wat Pho – the city’s oldest temple well known for its reclining large golden coloured Buddha that is 46 meters with 3 meter long feet decorated in mother of Pearl. Bangkok is a city that has much to boast about with something to please every eye and every mind.

For the traveler who loves wrestling with nature, the Crocodile Farm with over a 30,000 crocs or the Safari world that is home to giraffe, jeers, zebra, tigers, birds lions and bears all in their natural habitat, or the Marine parks and their exhibits with animal performances might be an adventure by itself. For aqua entertainment the Siam Water Park with a man-made sea, fountains, whirlpools and waterfalls, zoo and botanical gardens all in one is an out of this world experience. Other family entertainment centers such as Magic Land or Dream World might be the perfect place for a family’s day out.

A Bangkok hotel that is full of the feel of this city is not too far away. The grandeur and majesty of pavilions, palaces and temples that depict the history and unique Thai culture of the Chakri Dynasty and a Rachadamnoen avenue which is Bangkok’s longest boulevard are just a few of this city’s ways of showing off her splendor and beauty. Bangkok accommodation is a different facet of the treasure this city exhibits. For luxury and comfort, care and retreat, elegance and serenity the Bangkok President Solitaire hotel will complete that sense of things truly Bangkok.

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