One of the most phenomenal, relaxing and profoundly healing treatments one can have in a spa today is having light therapy that uses a lamp with a genuine natural precious gem. It is the newest treatment to hit the higher echelon of the spa market and what’s more than the attractive name of this therapy is that it works. The treatments involve using a precious gemstone between ½ to 2 carats in size in a specially made lamp and imposing a gentle frequency between 1 and 16 HZ (the same as our brain uses from Delta to Beta), from a medical instrument specially designed for the purpose, onto the lamp. The results are amazing, from relaxation to cooling an overheated blood system, to helping with digestion, hormonal problems and more.

Emeralds have a cooling effect and bathing the face with a lamp holding a natural, transparent emerald of good color has shown to effectively relax skin muscles and tissues. It helps cells to regenerate from within, which quite frankly seems to be a far better option in erasing wrinkles than abrasive techniques (which have shown to actually weaken regenerative skin cell growth). It’s cooling for the face and easy to do while having a facial or face massage, as well! 펄안마

Blue sapphire in the gem lamp has shown to actually have a relaxing and analgesic effect when beamed between the eyebrows and relieves stress, headache and in most cases the patient or client falls asleep within 5 minutes or so. It’s one that spas love using to give the client a real feeling of relaxation and well-being, and coupled with any kind of massage has them feeling regenerated unlike anything ever used before.

For the aesthetician, using red coral becomes another important treatment as it works in reducing acne and facial scarring and can even be used in a separate lamp while the cooling emerald treatment is applied to improve the overall skin tone, sheen and complexion. Believe it or not, it seems to have a stimulating effect on male hormones in older men when the lamp is beamed towards the prostate area. Are we looking at a natural “male enhancement” without the prospect of having to call your doctor if swelling persists for hours?

Diamond really is “a girl’s best friend” when female clients are going through those bothersome “ups and downs”, heat flashes, etc. due to hormonal changes in women getting past the child bearing years. The rays from the diamonds in the gem lamps, with one of the higher frequencies (about 14 pulses a second or 14 HZ) imposed on the lamp from the medical instrument, seems to also increase the female libido and confidence, gleaned from interviews with women that have had this amazing treatment.

The ruby, known as the “king of gems” to the ancient Ayurvedic culture, is showing to be a wonderful means of increasing the power of digestion. One client complaining of constipation (and thus declining a massage) decided to have it while getting a facial, and within 20 minutes politely asked them to break to allow her to use the bathroom! I have been told by our Ayurveda experts that when really needing some “heat” infused into the digestion or elimination system that the combination of ruby and chrysoberyl cats-eye is used, as the latter transmits an infrared ray, said to be the hottest of them all.

Feeling a bit of a tickle in your throat and not sure if you can lay down on the table long enough for a massage? Then a treatment with a real natural pearl in the lamp may be your answer. Used in Ayurveda for everything from sore throats to lung problems it can soothe the throat and quiet that urge to cough. Combined with other gems they say it will actually start to heal the cause with only a 20-30 minute treatment.

Not only the gems I mentioned here, but also natural yellow sapphires (and they’re more beautiful than most anything we see in jewelry stores nowadays that are really natural gems), as well as certain types of garnets are being used for different treatments in this amazing method of using gem therapy.

This amazing and effective therapeutic treatment is based in traditional Ayurveda, which has spoken in their medical texts of the healing powers of 9 specific gems (ruby, pearl, red coral, emerald, yellow sapphire, diamond, blue sapphire, hessonite garnet and chrysoberyl cats-eye). It is noninvasive and doesn’t require the patient or client to spend thousands of dollars on a costly gem, but only for the usual cost of a spa treatment. The effects are more than obvious and felt almost immediately, making a believer out of the most skeptical. Soon spa technicians across the globe will be asking “do you want emerald, diamond or blue sapphire with that?”

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