In order for people to purchase your products or services online they need to trust you and that means building trust and establishing credibility online. There are a number of ways you can do this from before they visit your website until after they have made their purchase.

Building Trust and Establishing Online Credibility with Article Marketing

Article marketing is a good way to establish yourself as an expert in your field and so help to establish online credibility. If you write interesting and informative articles that people perceive to contain valuable information then they will see you as an expert and be more likely to believe in what you have to offer. This doesn’t just mean writing one article and expecting that to do it but rather writing as many quality articles as possible and distributing them widely across the internet.

Using Social Media to make Friends Online

Friends trust one another and word-of-mouth advertising between friends has always been deemed an important marketing method. Today the way to do that online is through using social media. Use social media to establish relationships – not hard selling! Make friends with www.ufabet people online and then when you do share links to your website they will be more likely to visit, take notice and purchase because they already have a relationship with you.

Using Testimonials on Your Website

Once you have got people to your website, the website itself should further continue this process of building trust and establishing credibility. A good way to do this is by using testimonials from other people who have used and liked your product. Don’t break trust here by getting one person to write a whole lot of testimonials in different names but rather begin by giving away some of your product for free if necessary to your friends and asking them to write about it. You may even try asking another expert in a similar field to use your product and let you know what they think of it. Photos, videos or audio with testimonials will also go a long way in building your credibility.

Build a Relationship with Your List

Your website should also collect email addresses for your mailing list and then keep in contact with this list. Always give them beneficial content and information in your newsletters and never spam them or allow others to get hold of their information and you will continue to build their trust until they do purchase your products and services.

Keeping Their Trust with After Sales Service

Don’t forget about your customers once they have bought something from you but instead keep their trust by always offering excellent customer service and after sales service. This way if you have something else to purchase they will be more likely to buy more from you as every step they are learning to trust you more.

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