The South East corridor’s financial king is what one can call Hong Kong. Why is this place the financial capital of the international business in the south east? Well, it naturally is because it has of its capitalist nature and also providing low tax and literally free trade. It is also considered the freest economy of the world because of the tax exemptions. And more importantly, there is a lot of business activity that takes place all round the year there especially with other trade partners like China, United States of America, Germany, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

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Foreign Direct Investment is another contribution that has made this place what it is now. Hong Kong is the world’s 3rd largest recipient of Foreign Direct Investment which along with the government revenues contributes to the world class infrastructure facilities including roads, hospitals, educational institutions etc 成立公司.

When we talk about GDP, the notion is to convey the standard of living of the country. Agricultural activity in Hong Kong contributes to only 0.1 % of the GDP of Hong Kong. What shoots up the prices of products and services are the service sector industry that play a very important role in Hong Kong’s economy by holding a share of 90% of the total GDP.

The Gross Domestic Product at the current market price is HK$ 505,750 in the 1st quarter of the year 2013. The preliminary figure for the 2nd quarter of 2013 expects the GDP to be HK$ 493,790 which is a slight reduction. Compared to the whole year’s figure in 2012 and previous year, 2011, during which the GDP values were HK$ 285,403 and HK$ 273,783, respectively, there is an outstanding increase in the market price of the GDP in just two quarters of this year. This shows that this place in Asia has naturally moved a step forward on the ladder, leading to the world’s costliest cities. It is definitely one of the places you need to be in Asia.

More, this place is not known just for its industry and services but also the part it has to play when it comes to the stock market. Setting up company in Hong Kong is easy. Maybe even easier than perhaps getting a company registration there! In the world, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is staged at number seven. As of December 2009, the market capitalization of Hong Kong Stock Exchange was $2.3 trillion. The same year was noticed to be glorious as the IPO, known as Initial Public Offering of was at 22 percent which was the largest of all the other markets in the world. Simply told, this is an economy which has risen from dust to gold.

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