OK, so you still have a week left before that big cocktail party and don’t know what to make? Not only that, the kitchen could use a pot and pan makeover. Before you make that call to the local catering hall, consider using the simplest of ingredients made with high quality cookware to make mouth-watering hors d’oeuvres, savory appetizers and delicious post cocktail treats and confections.

Depending upon the number of people you have to cater to, you can create a well-received feast that won’t strain your budget. Whether sit-down or buffet, simplicity and decor will win steel bite pro the day.
Starting with those pots and pans in the kitchen, a few choice changes can make a big difference. Well designed kitchenware by top manufacturers and a balance of the appropriate choice of foods for the occasion can turn the amateur into the pro in no time. Heavy gauge stainless steel and cast iron are the two main types of pans, skillets, and pots that should be the basis for any kitchen cooking.

Next is the food. Be creative but be frugal. If you are having a variety of hors d’oeuvres, make sure you allow 6-8 bite-size pieces per person (if dinner follows your cocktail party, drop the number to 4-5 per person). You’d be surprised how anything in puff pastry goes the quickest. It’s light and airy and can be filled with a variety of products from custard to ham & brie (my personal favorite is chicken salad with a touch of bĂ©arnaise sauce).

Bakeries usually have inexpensive mini loaves of bread that are just the right size for a quick and easy bruschetta made with salsa, avocado slices and shredded mozzarella. A small container of feta cheese is fairly inexpensive and you can create feta-stuffed cherry tomatoes to liven up that hors d’oeuvres tray. Boursin and brie cheeses (both very soft) can be squeezed through a confectioners’ icing dispenser onto gourmet crackers to create professional looking cheese and cracker appetizers. Sprinkle a little parsley and voila. Fruit trays are also extremely popular especially those that incorporate a few different types of melons (cantaloupe and honeydew are the most popular). Strawberries and blueberries liven up any fruit tray.

And don’t forget those serving trays, especially in a buffet situation. A vase of flowers and some creative tablecloth positioning will help but how the food is presented is extremely important. Stainless steel and silver catering trays are the norm as well as mirror-finish trays. The latter is not as popular for informal parties because each little crumb looks double in size. A tray with a subtle design or a grease less paper doily will look great.
Hopefully these little tips will help with most parties you may decide to give. Good luck and good eating.

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