Since its first release in 2005, Xbox 360 from Microsoft has been offering you with a number of multimedia capabilities such as online and offline gameplay, game demos, TV shows, trailers, music, movies, and arcade games download. To get winning high-definition picture from the console, an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) cable is a necessary component. The mechanism of this cable is simple: connect your gaming console to a HDTV, and you will be able to get clear view of the game playing with up to 1080p of resolution. There are many brands selling HDMI cable for Xbox 360 at the market; all claim what they have is the best product. The question is: how can you tell which one is actually best? Find out the answer by following these tips to choosing the right cable for your console.

1. Get one with highest price?

Do not be tempted by the statement which claim that the more expensive the price the better quality you will get. All HDMI cables are made following standard requirements; they can also be used for any peripherals compatible with high-def interfaces. However, if you are not sure which brand you should use, it is best to get the accessory from official manufacturer. As Microsoft manufactured the Xbox 360, they should also make compatible accessories for the console as well.

2. Check the compatibility

Knowing the model of your gaming console is important to find out whether the console is compatible with HDMI function. If you have the Xbox 360 S, Elite, Arcade, or Pro 60 GB series, no need to worry since they all can be directly attached to an HDTV. However, the Xbox 360 Pro 20 GB made before 2008 and the Xbox 360 Core are HDMI Cable in Australia not compatible with HDMI function. Even so, you can still connect the Core model to an HDTV by using additional component cable which is sold separately.

3. Know which cable’s version to use

Following its first launch in late 2002, HDMI cable 1.0 underwent some necessary improvements. The first installment of this cable has the capabilities of two-channel audio, single-cable A/V connection, 165MHz bandwidth, and 4.9Gbps of maximum bitrate; enough to be compatible with older HDMI peripherals. However, more functions such as multichannel audio support, CEC feature, up to 340MHz bandwidth, maximum bitrate of 10.2 Gbps, 16-bit color, compressed digital audio formats, and Ethernet capabilities are needed for the latest Xbox 360 S model. These adequate functions of HDMI cables can be found in the versions 1.3 and 1.4. As both versions are backward compatible, you can also use them for older Xbox 360 models.

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