One of the all time best natural skin care products around today is coconut oil soap. Although coconut oil is mainly used within soap for structural purposes, its added skin care benefits make it an element not to be overlooked by the cosmetic world.

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Coconut oil is best known in the soap making industry for adding a luxurious lather and firmness to a finished product, but what are these hidden benefits to the skin that make it stand out to the consumer?

First of all, coconut oil soap contains important anti-oxidants that protect the skin from harmful rays like ultraviolet light and various forms of atmospheric pollution. It also helps prevent and heal many types of skin infections. Furthermore, coconut oil soap is exceedingly moisturizing as it literally attracts water out of the air and draws it to the skin. Oils with this particular attribute are called emollients deep conditioner.

There are countless shops these days that sell coconut oil soap as it is somewhat gaining in popularity. You must be careful, however, because almost all skin care products, including low end commercial grade soaps, have some percentage of coconut oil incorporated into them.

One ingredient that you really should keep away from your skin is tallow and lard. These are both animal fats prominently used in the soap making industry. Almost all companies, along with these harmful fats, will add a small percentage of coconut oil to their product in order to increase the lather. Some will even advertise their soap as “coconut oil soap” even though it does not nearly offer all the same benefits as the “real deal”.

If you’re looking for true coconut oil soap that has the potential to transform your skin, I recommend either creating your own or buying it from a reputable homemade soap company.

If you decide to try making it, which I strongly recommend, I can reassure you that it will be both fun and easy. In order to make coconut oil soap, allow the ingredient to take up only 20% of the total oils used. Add other natural skin care oils like sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and olive oil to complete the recipe.

An interesting aspect of coconut oil is that when too much is used, it can have a drying effect while the right amount produces a superb moisturizing product. Make sure that you don’t let coconut oil take up more then 25% of the oils used under any circumstance.

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