Blood sugar levels becoming out of balance are blamed for contributing to many health conditions, such as stress, fatigue, grouchiness, dizziness, and food cravings. None of those things are fun to deal with, but let’s be honest here, with a couple of minor changes in diet you shouldn’t have to suffer from any of these things! It’s all within your control!

If you eat a lot of sugar, your pancreas Blood balance formula and Blood balance advanced formula gets stimulated and sends out insulin to regulate or balance blood sugar, causing sugar levels to then plummet. Then the adrenals want to do their part to help out, they go and tell your liver to release glucose to get levels to rise! Thus, the roller coaster begins.

On average, the typical American consumes about 80 pounds of sugar a year. This is in addition to refined carbs that so quickly turn into – guess what – more SUGARS! No wonder people’s mood swings and energy are all over the place!!

To keep things balanced out, add more whole grains into your diet, such as oats, multi-grain bread as opposed to white, and brown rice as opposed to white. These take a whole lot longer for your body to break down, and will give you a gentle, continuous source of energy throughout the day. Eating some protein alongside these carbs will help even more, so adding a little milk, yogurt, cheese, eggs, legumes or a few nuts or seeds would be beneficial.

If natural supplements interest you, an excellent nutrient to look into for helping keep your sugar levels under control is chromium, which helps regulate insulin production. To help strengthen your adrenal glands, look into 2000mg of vitamin C daily and also make sure to get adequate B-complex.

One issue that you may not think about in regard to sugar cravings is Candida. Candida is yeast that can grow quickly in your system. Since it feeds off sugars, it will constantly be demanding you to give it sugar so that it can grow and flourish.

Don’t listen to it! To get a condition like Candida under control, you need to cut yeast and sugars from your diet. You can also employ the help of the herbal extract usnea, and high-potency oregano oil. These should be looked into for anyone suspecting they have Candida. Again, there is no reason why you (or anyone that has to deal with you!) should put up with the mood swings and headaches that can come with fluctuating blood sugar levels. Take charge of your body and health, and be on your way to an energised, balanced you!

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