Daisy Jewellery chakra bracelets have a significant following with celebrities around the world for a number of reasons, but, though the focus of chakras is specifically around the philosophical beliefs of Eastern origin that propose seven key channels in the body and the benefits of harmony therein, a secondary attraction is the fashionable colours found across the range.

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The chakra bracelets in the Daisy Jewellery range, coincidentally it is assumed, correspond to some of the most current colourways and I say coincidentally because they are actually tied to the traditional colours associated with each chakra pop it fidget.

The throat chakra’s bracelet colour is blue – though a slightly deeper blue than this season’s Blue Curacao tone, which comes from more of a turquoise origin, the chakra’s blue tone is nonetheless complementary and coordinates well. Alternatively, the mid blue tone of Regatta may be a safer choice if you are not feeling too adventurous with your wardrobe – it is certainly a colour that works well for all complexions and hair colours.

The sacral chakra is orange and this sits really well with Coral Rose, which is a deepened orange tone. Coral Rose also works with the throat chakra blue, based on the theory of complementary colours.

The crown chakra has a beautiful shade of violet and coordinates with this season’s Lavender, but also more subtly with Silver Cloud which is a light, almost muted grey.

The solar plexus chakra is yellow and quite a vivid, exotic yellow to say the least. The perfect counterpart to Beeswax, with its yellow tone and hints of honey, the overall visual message implying exotic locations and perfect sunshine.

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