An office location along with the working environment becomes the key driver to a company’s success or downturn. It may be beneficial for an enterprise to have a permanent workplace, but managing properties is one of the challenges new companies are yet to surpass. This is why serviced Office industry surged over the last few years, as more companies look for a space that well suit the needs of the employees minus the hassle of hunting for a property and furnishing the place.

Suffice to say, the current economic climate shifted the way business in carried about in different parts of the world. More so, the rise of serviced offices redefined offices’ flexibility and brought about effective solutions to rising enterprises.

Note that a serviced office comes fully furnished and with complete setup of basic needs – IT system, secretarial/reception/security services, and additional support staff. Companies can then enjoy having an unbranded workplace which they can present as their own. The idea here is quite linear: a serviced office can be leased to lessen the cost of maintaining a property and induce more focus on the operation of the business.

Who can benefit from a serviced office?

1. New companies – those who are just starting up a business and still don’t have ample finances to secure a property or purchase equipment for a rented space can opt to lease a fully-furnished office. This move is not only convenient. Renting serviced office also help entrepreneurs veer away for having unnecessary expenses that are still out of their league.

2. Downsizing companies – laying off employees becomes one of the inevitable given today’s persisting economic crises. Cutting down on staff translates to having too scooter rental much unused office tools and space. Companies can therefore have an option to rent a serviced office and sell the fixtures to add u to the funds of the biz. This can be carried out as employees conveniently enjoy working within an office that contains everything that may be needed, all in an inclusive price.

3. Home-based entrepreneurs – welcoming strangers at home, even when conducting meeting is partly unprofessional and risky. Home-based businesses owners have the option to pay for the hourly rate of a serviced office when there is a need to meet up with clients or associates.

Considerations in Getting a Serviced Office

1. Period of Lease – Rents are paid on a monthly basis, inclusive of the services. Some firms though give discounts to clients who would lease the property for a year or more.

2. Budget for rent – Getting a serviced office cost more than what companies need to pay for bare conventional offices, but they are spared from purchasing equipment and fixtures. Knowing how much entrepreneurs are willing for the lease helps in narrowing down choices.

3. Packaged services – standard services included in the monthly dues usually cover security and secretarial services, along with the electricity bills, Internet connections and salary of a full-time receptionist. Some firms, however, charge per hour basis for the usage of meeting rooms and telephones.

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