The cross between an orange and a tangerine produced the ortanique orange which is a hybrid fruit. It appears that someone took portions of each name to arrive at the new name say- OR, from orange-and TAN from -tangerine, and IQUE from the word unique-to arrive at this name. I could only guess that that the creator of the name was interested in emphasizing the special quality and influence this fruit has on the people who taste it.

Another name was given and that is: “tangor” perhaps another take off from the name. Ortaniques are rich in texture are a bright orange color and has superb flavor. They are easy to peel and the segments open up easily. Ortaniques are medium in size and has a tangy, slightly sweet flavor.. The Jamaican ortaniques are very pale in color. They have no seeds but are juicy and fleshy. To some, these are the best tasting of the ortaniques.

The flavor, taste and texture of ortanique oranges are dependent upon the area they are grown. The tropical variety of Ortaniques’ flesh are pale in color and seedless similar to the Jamaican variety. The Mediterranean variety, however, produces ortaniques with thick rinds because of the type of soil there.

Ortaniques can be peeled and eaten right out of your hand. You get the refreshing flavorful taste every time. If you prefer, you can also squeeze its juice after peeling off the skin in a glass and drink it plain.

You can also blend it with other flavored drinks and fruit juices. They also make beautiful executive gift baskets! The ortaniques wedges -segments – can be added to fruit salads to make creative dishes. Sorbet can be deliciously refreshing and a thirst quencher when you add wedges of ortaniques to the mix on a hot day while Tangy Tangerine working in your backyard or doing your chores. After a sporting match or game they hit the spot to make you relax and enjoy the rest of your day. They can be used as preserves on other sweet meats and make delicious tasting candies with the juice and the rind.

Ortaniques are grown in a special type of soil. Only a small region of Florida has the right soil to grow them. As a result, only a small quantity is shipped and distributed. Being a tropical fruit you can find them in market all around locally. The parent stock from the early 1900s is responsible for the ortaniques we have today. The cuttings are used to grow new trees.

Since it is a specialty fruit they are ideal for making fantastic executive gift baskets for those who are special to you in your office. They will remember your thoughtful gift for many years to come. Since the season is short, be sure to order yours for the upcoming executive party. With your contribution of executive gift baskets, your party can become a big hit with your guests. The taste of these ortaniques will mesmerize them when they taste the unique tangy, sweet flavor. Your fruit gift can become the talk of the party!

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