Exit splash pages provide an easy and proven way to convert more of your site visitors into sales or leads without spending a small fortune on fancy graphics, mesmerising layouts or trance inducing arrows all over your sales page.

The idea of running a sales page or website is to maximize profit and minimize costs. Exit splash pages are a relatively new concept in internet marketing.  The idea being that when a visitor tries to leave your site, you can easily prompt them with an unobtrusive popup window. 

Exit splash pages have been proven to convert both passive and undecided visitors better than sales pages without an exit splash page. This is ideal for your internet sales 먹튀 page or product review.  Perhaps your price was too high for the product you were trying to sell or your visitor came to your page in the “just browsing” or “shopping around” mindset.

No problem, simply set up an exit splash page on your site to offer your visitor a cheaper price for the product, an alternative product or just configure the exit splash page with your autoresponder details so you can add them to your leads and contact them up in future when you have something more relevant to their needs to offer.

The choice is entirely yours as most exit splash pages are run by a script that you can set to do whatever you want.

Overall, implementation of an exit splash page will increase your conversion rates, which again will boost your overall revenue from the site. 

So why would you choose to buy an exit splash product for your website? There are various reasons, but I would suggest these as being the main justification;

  • Low Cost – The cost of an exit splash script is minuscule compared to the probable increase in visitor conversions.  Over time and with a decent amount of traffic, the investment in the script should pay for itself within days, if not weeks.
  • Unobtrusive – These scripts generate a screen to your user perceived as less “in your face” than the ageing  popup systems used in most websites today.
  • Test results – Increases of over 300% in conversion rate have been reported using this new breed of script.
  • Stability – Because the exit splash scripts use html

As you can see from above, the overall cost for investing in such a script system is minuscule compared to the probable returns from higher conversion rates.

But that isn’t the whole story these days…

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