After cold forming, galvanized roofing sheet has benefits of attractive look and light weight, which made it the perfect solution for construction siding and roofing panel. It has better long term corrosion resistance, better light weight, better rust proof, and better longevity than treated timber material, galvanized steel sheet is highly preferred and is available in different colors and shapes for different architectural structure requirement. These sheets are resistant to fire, termites, and electrical outbursts. It can also be painted to make it multi-purpose and multipurpose.

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Galvanized steel sheet is a mixture of zinc and steel that is coated with lead mai ton dep. The galvanized roofing sheet includes corrugated steel, zinc, and lead; each of them is combined with other additive to enhance its properties have better resistance to corrosion and abrasion. Zinc acts as an anti-corrosion agent that protects steel from the corrosive effects of moist atmospheres and combustible materials, e.g. oil or gas. Lead is a necessary inclusion because it improves resistance to dampness and helps in the coating development process. Corrugated steel and galvanized steel are used for exterior and interior coating because they are effective in providing protection against weathering and corrosion.

Galvanized steel sheet and galvanized roofing sheets have different benefits for building structures; however the main difference is in the coating process. Galvanized steel sheet are generally prepared by galvanizing, that is, it is mixed with lead and copper to make it pliable and durable for the application where it is being applied. On the other hand, pre-galvanized galvanized steel is prepared by electroplating, which involves passing an electric current through the steel and applying plating salts to it to create a hard finish. Preparing galvanized roofing is done before the building commences, either in the factory or at the construction site itself. As the building is being erected, the roofing contractors will pour a special epoxy mixture under the galvanized steel to prevent galvanic corrosion that could occur.

Before the coating process, the corrugated steel is already pre-galvanized, that is, it is coated with zinc, lead, or copper. The process of electroplating starts after the corrugated metal sheet is ready. During this process, the galvanized steel is charged with zinc, copper, or lead. Electroplating is done in the factory where the equipment used is special.

When building a new structure, it is best to choose the galvanized steel that has the best quality. Choosing the right zinc and lead for your application is also critical. The right zinc or lead depends on the amount of corrosion resistance you need for your application. Most sheets sold in the market have higher levels of corrosion resistance. This is why it is more expensive than other varieties. Higher cost does not necessarily mean better quality, though.

For galvanized corrugated roofing sheets, the manufacturers often provide a two-year warranty. Some of these warranties cover not only the materials but also the labor for installation, as well. Other warranties may last up to five years, although you have to check the details. It is better to check the warranty before paying for the materials, especially if you are going to install it yourself. If you purchase the materials from a different manufacturer or one that does not offer a warranty, it is best to ask the manufacturer for a guarantee.

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