When considering Meeting room Furniture it is especially important to give consideration to the particular style of the room in which the furniture is to be deployed. For example are you going for a modern, techy, classic, hip or colonial feel. Your choice of furnishing is particularly relevant if you are seeking to rent a meeting room with a specific goal in mind. The type of meeting and the subject matter of the meeting will have an enormous bearing of the style of furniture and building you are likely to wish to represent your approach to business. Very much like your choice of personal atire, your choice of meeting venue will say even more about you and your company.

How much space will you require? How many attendees will there be? Have you considered space availability once the additional furnishing/equipment you require is in position? Insufficient space, cramped and crowded areas just make people head for the door. Make sure there is adequate space for people to move around and for doors to open and close without hitting the tables and chairs.

So you have decided on the amount of furniture and space required. Apply these three rules to avoid problems

Rule Number One.
Always arrive at least an hour before your meeting is to commence. You will need this time to check everything is in order and to prepare yourself. The same applies to your staff. Nothing is worse than tardiness at a meeting.

Rule Number Two.
It is a good idea to draw up a floor plan, detailing the positioning and aspect of each item of furniture and equipment which will be utilized and then send it to your meeting room provider. This will allow them to allocate resources ahead of time and ensure they have positioned the furniture exactly as you have described.

There have unfortunately been many stories of organizers arriving at the venue only to discover the room to be configured in a way which was quite different to the original plan. Most times, the meeting room staff are simply placing items in a way they think you would want it to be. The organizers then have limited time (and manpower) to move the furniture to the desired positioning. The attendees arrive and you look hot and dishevelled from having had to pitch in to get the room ready in time.

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