Theme ideas for baby showers are not really compulsory. However, when you are able to identify a themed baby shower, it will make it easier for the rest of the planned activities to push through.

In order to create a fun-filled experience during the party, an organizer needs to put up a gimmick through the facilitation of various themes. For instance, invitations can be patterned after a movie ticket; games are focused on celebrity and movie trivia while guests might want to dress up like movie stars. Since the expectant mother is the main guest for this party, a guest of honor should be somebody or something that will surprise her.

Tea Time Baby Shower

This theme is simple but very healthy. Inspired by the traditional Japanese tea culture, guests will have a variety of tea to choose from. Most foods can be finger sandwiches, jam or whatever pairs better with tea. This is less expensive because a house’s living room will be alright or a tea house will do. However, this is only recommended for “all girls” party bb 用品店.

Stock the Shelves Baby Shower

Stock the Shelves Baby Shower is a unique way of asking the guests to bring one simple gift that belongs to a baby food or baby essentials such as diapers, wipes, bath supplies, formula or bottles. The expectant mom can request for a certain brand or style. Diapers can some in various sizes also.

Time to Take Care of Mommy Baby Shower

This theme helps the mother to relax and adjust to her new role as a mother. The expectant mother can ask her guests to bring gifts that she needs for the first weeks after giving birth. This might include gift certificates, home services such as cleaning or babysitting services. This is a good bonding time for closest friends and relatives. Gifts such as these are most preferable rather than the tangible ones.

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