Horse rugs are the ideal solution for the comfort of your horse. It also protects your horse from those bothersome flies and insects some of which can ultimately cause disease. The rug is an important factor to a healthy horse. Horse blankets is another name for a horse rug. Your animal will be dry and warm in different weather conditions and it will be protected. The horse rug will cover the horse from the chest area to the hindquarters. Under the abdomen are straps that will secure the rug into place allowing the horse to move at will without the rug being displaced. The standard rug ties in the front with two ties. There are other types that have a closed front and is fitted over the head of the horse. Others allow the rug to stay in place by having straps that tie around the legs in the back. 건마

Any time of the year that you stable your horse in the stall or it is out in pasture you should be using a rug. A weatherproof rug, which can resist water, will keep it dry in addition to keeping it warm. If you are transporting your horse anywhere in the world a rug is ideal to keep it comfortable and safe. If you do not want your horse to grow a winter coat then a rug is the ideal solution. At the beginning of the fall season if your horse does not wear a rug it will start to grow a winter coat. However, if you keep a rug on your horse and keep it in a an area which is lit for 16 hours a day then it will not grow a coat to keep the cold away. But during the winter months since your horse does not have a winter coat then it is not provided with natural insulation so you must be sure to keep it covered with a rug at all times as it could get a chill and could be vulnerable to illness.

People may think that the rug should be a very tough fabric. The fabric should not be very strong because when the horse is caught on a branch or something stronger the material will rip instead of the horse stumbling or falling suffering major damage. Rugs come in all sizes, styles, fabric weights, and colors. There are rugs that are heavy, light, or very light ones called sheets that keep your animal clean. Rugs that are too thick could cause your horse to sweat, which is uncomfortable. Rugs that are too light may not keep the cold and wet at bay. A rug to guard from flies and other insects that would lead to illness is called a stable rug. This rug will additionally maintain cleanliness during its stay in the stable.

A horse with a clipped coat needs a turnout rug. This type of rug has a breathable material and is waterproof so will keep your horse pleasantly dry and warm or cool depending on the weather. Rugs are available in many densities in order to keep the horse comfortable whatever the weather or season. A turnout rug will also protect your horse from the rays of the sun, which will cause the coat to lighten or bleach. Obviously in the stall or out in the pasture rugs are beneficial.

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