WordPress is one of the most versatile content management systems ever with everyone from major websites to first-time webmasters using it. This means that you can run an entire media company after doing the famous one-click install of WordPress or use it for a personal blog. The task of installing a famous magazine theme into WordPress can be a daunting task for just about anyone and in this article you will learn how to easily install the theme and get it running Forbasis.

The first thing you will want to do is find a theme that fits your style and you can find these on many WordPress theme websites for free as well as some of the design firms and companies have premium themes which usually don’t cost more than $100. The download will come in a.zip or.gzip file. The new WordPress 3.0 will allow you to upload the entire zip file for most themes but since many magazine themes zip files contain multiple plugins and instructions you will need to use FTP or another file management system through cPanel.

Now that you have the file unzipped you will need to open up your favorite FTP program, in this case I am using CoreFTP which is free to download in secure places like download.com. Now simply open up the FTP and then go to content, then themes, and finally drag over the file containing just the theme and not any plugins that may be with it. Since many WordPress magazine themes contain plugins you will next need to repeat the same steps except for placing them in the plugins folder which can be seen in the same wp-content directory as themes.

Installing the magazine theme is simple and you have already passed the hardest part so next all you need to do is go into the themes section of your website and click activate on the magazine theme you just installed then go to the plugin section and do the same. Now you will need to tweak any specific magazine theme settings such as categories, tags, pages, and so on as well as any widgets. You have now installed the WordPress theme for magazines and news successfully and can start making money on your professional looking online magazine website.

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