One of the biggest concerns people have when purchasing wedding rings online is that they are not sure whether the size they order will fit. The belief is that you must purchase a ring in person so that a salesperson can properly size your finger and then deliver a ring according to the determined size. Are these concerns valid? Is it possible to order a ring online and receive the perfect fit? This article will prove that you can in fact purchase a wedding ring online and receive the perfect fit.

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Most people who order rings online already know their size. They have either recently visited a jewelry store and had their size determined by a salesperson or they own a ring and know their size. When this is not the case and you do not know your ring size, there are a few steps you can take cách đo size nhẫn.

Look in the website that you want to order your wedding ring from and look for links to “ring sizers”, “how to find your ring size”, and “resources”.

Many websites offer printable ring sizers. When printed, there may be 1-3 different methods indicated in the document on how to determine your size. One method involves taking an existing ring and holding it up to circles on the document. These circles have corresponding numbers for the size.

Another method shown in these documents is to cut a piece of string, wrap it around your ring finger, and then hold the string up against the printed circles.

The last method involves cutting out a paper ring sizer that you can wrap around your finger and it will show you your size.

The printable sizer is ironically quite accurate. However, if you want more accuracy, many websites offer free ring sizers. These are plastic devices that work like the paper version. You wrap a plastic device around your finger, insert one end of the sizer into another, tighten the plastic, and it shows you the size.

What is the most accurate method to determine your ring size? Visit a jewelry store and have a salesperson measure your ring finger. They typically use a series of metal rings that have the sizes written on them.

In conclusion, if you don’t know your ring size, first visit your local jeweler and ask them to determine your ring size. If this is not possible, download one of the widely available printable ring sizer documents and try all of the methods indicated. Most importantly, before finalizing your order online, check the website’s return policy. All reputable websites will allow you to return your purchase for a different ring size.

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