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Personal telephones seem to be everything but these days. They surf the Internet, perform banking tasks, track our purchases, and even take photographs. For some people, the one thing they don’t really do with their phone is make voice calls. So what are all these people doing? If these things are incredibly popular without performing their ostensible function, what is going on? Ask a mobile app development company. They will tell you that it isn’t about the telephone, it’s about having a tiny and powerful computer in the palm of your hand.

We all like to imagine that we are productive and useful members of society, and so people are not usually very forthcoming about the amount of gaming they do on their computers. Surely these are sophisticated and powerful tools, not toys, and to suggest otherwise is childish and irresponsible. Why, you wouldn’t do something as foolish as use your new Rolls Royce as a dining surface or a spare bedroom. Even though the vehicle is perfectly able to be used in such a way, it just isn’t proper.

In order to get involved in the smart phone market, at least from a software point of view, it is necessary to acquire certain tools and licenses. From the licensing aspect of things, the various phone platforms are controlled by certain other software giants. These companies are concerned about maintaining high quality services and products, and they are also in a position to be concerned about intellectual property and other trade secrets. Granting independent contractors access to the necessary source code and programming protocols is often a risky proposition.

To this end it is necessary to obtain the proper licensing to program for a specific platform. Depending on factors such as estimated final sale price, actual functionality of the code, and whether or not commercial use is anticipated, the fees for such licensing vary. Because the distribution of these programs is very heavily skewed toward the official channels associated with the particular phone, unlicensed developers are not distributed as widely as they could be.

One of the most popular and obvious ways to contribute to the vast array of smart phone software on the market is to manufacture games. Looking briefly through the catalog of available diversions on the major platforms, it is easy to see that the consumers don’t necessarily demand anything particularly complicated or immersive. In fact, most of the most popular games are very simple, often merely newer versions of classic entertainment.

Creating games for these devices has become both possible and easy for the amateur programmer. The most significant incident in recent years has been the unfettered release of the entire Unreal source code.

Possession of the source code to the Unreal engine, along with the appropriate licensing, essentially confers nearly unlimited potential for the creation of three dimensional shooters, side scrolling platform games, and even physics based entertainment from pool to basketball.

All it really takes is an idea and the tools to realize it. The tools are available freely and easily, and the licensing required to distribute the final product widely can easily prove worth the initial outlay. Given the huge popularity of the phones and the programs that they run, even a fledgling mobile app development company can achieve a measure of success in short order.

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