House keepers, or as my acquaintance calls them: house movers are professional house keepers that do not participate in the actual moving, but rather only do the post-moving support and analytics. This is very convenient for companies and individuals, as they pay only when the job has been done. My preference, however, would be to have a house keeper that participated in the move (even if only by walking the stairs and helping unload trucks) as well as the analytics. That way, I could have the stats easily see where I spent most of my time during the move избор на домоуправител софия, how I expended energy, and what I was accomplishing (in respect of my move).

My provider has several different types of housekeeper services, including personal, business, commercial, and premium plugins. My personal choice would be the personal service, as it provides a means to interact with the provider on an individual basis. My experience has been that personal house cleaning services tend to be a bit less involved, and the interaction is usually less personalized. With a business cleaning company, however, the interaction tends to be more personalized, and tends to be a bit more detailed and analytical. Most businesses I work with have a premium plugin installed that offers real-time analytics.

The best part of the premium plugins for my provider is the interactive analytics. For example, one of the advanced features that the premium plugin has is the ability to show me exactly where my house was while I was out (i.e. how many people walked past my house while I was away). Furthermore, I get to see how many people cleaned their homes while I wasn’t there. This information is incredibly helpful, especially since I can now take appropriate action.

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