Weather or not you were a fan of NBA2K11, has no relevance on the fact that your going to absolutely love 2K Sports latest version, NBA 2K12. This years game is better than its predecessor in every way, taking the series to new heights. Noticeable improvement were made in the area of the Player Models. Most of the player models now have a more striking resemblance to their human counterparts. Also, the super stars of basketball act exactly like they would on court. Their signature dunks and victory celebrations are mimicked to perfection. Crowd and bench player reactions to game situations are now more realistic, and the addition of Mascot’s are just another fun way of adding a touch of realism to the game 안전놀이터.

NBA 2K12 game presentation has also improved, giving you the feeling of actually watching a basketball game live on TV. Between the camera’s different angles, lighting, commercial breaks, ads for other games and revamped commentary, these improvements were the perfect mix of ingredients needed to create believability unmatched in any other sports game. Getting back to revamped commentary, Steve Kerr is added to the cast with Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg. This trio brings interesting and realistic commentary to the game. They have conversations covering several topics during the game and just like on live TV, they will actually interrupt each other when a terrific play takes place on the court, only to proceed with the exact topic from where they left off.

The gameplay in NBA 2K12 has not changed, but the controls were improved. The new stick shooting controls gives you the ability to make a lot of different shots, while the defense is still tight, roughing you up anytime you attempt to get a pass by them. The AI is much more competitive and force you to work for every point. The game still offers multiplayer modes like, Franchise Mode, (Available online) NBA’s Greatest, (play as all the greats from years ago) and others, guaranteeing fun and enjoyment for a long time to come.

We feel that with all the improvements made to NBA 2K12, it has to be the best, if not one of the best sports games around. If you are an NBA nut, you will go totally berserk playing this game. The overall enhancements to different aspects of the game was just what this series needed. It has to be the most realistic as well as addicting sports game to date. We recommend this game as a top pick for all sports game enthusiasts.

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