A splash page is an introductory page to your website, usually containing an enlarged version of your graphic or logo, possibly an animation or introductory movie, and perhaps some site requirements or a choice of how to view your website.

Splash pages are a popular request web designers get from their customers, and one many designers still concede to since it can be an opportunity for them to be a bit more creative using tools like Flash that they may not get to use as often as they like.

I’m here to tell you today that in just about every case splash pages are a bad idea. If this is even a question in your mind, if you can’t prove that you need a splash page for a specific reason, then I intend to show you why that’s a sign to just say no.

The Positives

First, let’s be fair and look at some of the positive aspects of splash pages. For starters, they’re often smaller than your actual home page and so they may load slightly faster. Splash pages also allow you to present a choice, if that’s really necessary (it shouldn’t be) as to 먹튀 how your visitors want to see your website. And finally, you can guarantee that a visitor sees whatever graphical presentation you make to them on your splash page, or at least the first few seconds of it before they click through to your main page.

The False-Positives

I’m afraid that none of these are good enough reasons for a splash page. Here’s why:

  1. A clean, standards compliant website should be fast enough to load anyway. If not, fix the problem, don’t just put a bandaid over it.
  2. If your website has certain minimum requirements for display, you’re cutting off potential visitors.
  3. If your website requires an alternate version, you could be doubling your maintenance work, and time is money.
  4. If your website requires an alternate version, perhaps that should be the version you go with in the first place.
  5. If you must have a special (eg. Flash) version of your website, use an automatic Flash detector, not a splash page.
  6. Finally, you can guarantee a visitor sees your homepage too if they visit you. Just put your important message at the top.

Splash Pages and Search Engines

Search engines don’t like splash pages either, and with good reason. They’re devoid of any real content. I saw a splash page just yesterday with not a single character of indexable content, including the window title (it was left blank).

And if you try to hide content on them, search engines may even penalize you for it. So if you care at all about your rank in search engines, a splash page is a definite no-no.

The Brutal Truth

You may love your fancy splash page, but your users will hate it. If they have to visit your site regularly, they’ll hate you for it too.

Put yourself in your users’ shoes for a second. Your users came to your site to find information. The less clicks between them and that information, the better. A splash page is an extra — and even worse, useless — click for them. It’s worse than a poor navigation system in that regard. Some visitors will even leave and stop coming to your site if they are presented with a splash page. Not good. Expressed another way, a splash page is one more step they have to take for you to make a sale.

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