When choosing your sugardaddies, you have to dig 手機攝影速成班 in deeper and not just judge them with what meets your eye. It’s more than just the fancy profiles and gathering information of your potential matches, but rather, you have to read in between the lines.

Here are some do’s and don’t for you to find out whether you should get to choose which sugardaddies:

Do Learn The “Mr. Perfect” Mathematics. If he sounds too good to be true right, then he could be just it. We’re not saying that he’s lying or anything like that, but if indeed he sounds too perfect, then he probably is embellishing his profile to make him look even better. Thus, here are some Dating Mathematics that every online dater would need to learn:

Dating Mathematics:

SUBTRACT at least three inches from his given height in his profile. Then you should MULTIPLY his stated weight by two. DIVIDE his income by two. ADD about five to ten years to his given age. Don’t choose your dates based on photos alone. Ever heard of the saying “Beauty is only skin-deep?” Yes, most of the time it is. So the next time you log into your online dating account, don’t just scroll and click on the Brad Pitt/Keanu Reeves-look-alikes without reading their profiles first.

A profile picture may not be as 100% honest, it can be slightly manipulated. Besides, while real men tend to lose their hair, grow flabby round the middle, and develop love handles, you’ll love them anyway and might find them charming once you’ve met them in person. There’s more to love and attraction than just being physical.

Do trudge along the communication line as you go along. The thing is, emails are just the first step, you won’t use that mode of communication on the whole span of your relationship. Many singles are great writers, not necessarily because they have great skills, but maybe because they’ve got a great ghostwriter doing it for them. Better make sure that you can tag along in the line of your communication. After exchanging several e-mails, move onto the chatroom.

After several days in the chatroom, move onto calling each other through mobile phones. No matter how comfortable you may feel with him, it’s best that you protect your privacy, don’t give your home personal number. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Moving from emails to phone calls is good, why? Because phone chats are more spontaneous and you’ll get a better grasp at his true personality that way.

Important note: In the course of your conversation, it’s a bad sign if: you find yourself looking at your watch a bit too often or praying that you somehow loose your signal or hoping that divine intervention come and save you.

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