Melbourne has changed dramatically in the last few decades. It is no longer a quiet younger brother of Sydney. Melbourne has developed a style and character all it’s own. Nowadays it can be considered a well-rounded, world-class city with everything a cosmopolitan could want. The best part, though, is that Melbourne offers the cleanliness, order, and quiet of a well-run smaller city while still offering the culture and entertainment of a much larger city. furniture shop melbourne

In recent years the booming Australian economy has changed Melbourne. While prices have skyrocketed, so have job opportunities and consumer options. Watching the cars and boutiques of the city it becomes clear; Melbourne is filthy rich and the wealthy love to enjoy their wealth with entertainment and dining options. Restaurants and bars in Melbourne have been developed along with the rest of the city to offer an excellent variety of decorations, atmospheres, and tastes. To put it simply, “If you want it, Melbourne has it”.

Plaza Premium Lounge MEL Airport Lounges Terminal 2 Melbourne

Melbourne bars have been build to suit every taste and for every budget. The options include everything from posh post-modern designs serving top shelf wines, to football pubs overflowing with beer and rowdy fans. There are Italian themed pubs, taverns, boat themed pubs, Caribbean themed clubs, even a workshop themed bar and restaurant build from an old mechanics shop. One posh recommendation is the Cabinet Bar on the quaint Little Collins Street. With fine French food, chic d├ęcor, and good wine selection you won’t be disappointed. If you are interested in Melbourne views I recommend you take advantage of the beautiful views offered in the city and look for a rooftop pub. With great weather Melbourne is perfect for outdoor recreation and rooftop pubs offer fresh air beautiful views and a great atmosphere. If you are interested you can’t beat the Deck Restaurant, near Flinders Street Station. It has views of the Yarra River that can’t be beat, especially at night.

One of the best reasons to go to Melbourne pubs and clubs are the culture. Because I am a music lover, I think of this first, but it doesn’t stop there. Having connections with the every other region in the world, coupled with the high level of education and an artistic outlook on life, Melbourne offers music and cultural influences from around the world. Here you can find music and culture as diverse as African, Indian, Electronic, Punk. Even Chinese influences are common here. As one Melburnian stated, “Melbourne has everything. Why do I need to go to India when there are musicians here that have brought it back for me.” Even more interesting than these influences is what happens to them once they arrive here. They mix and influence each other and become a totally new fusion. For a bar that heralds this fusion I recommend the Silk Road Bar and Lounge, though only for those that can afford it. You’ll find it on Market street, near the Melbourne Aquarium.

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