Don’t you ever smile? If you find people asking you this question on a regular basis, either you’re always in a bad mood, or you just look like you are.

Very deep frown lines and wrinkles can pull down your face and make you appear to be in a constant state of grumpiness. It can be frustrating, not only on a physical level, but emotionally as well. Even when you smile, these deep lines can leave you looking ragged and unpleasant. This is likely not the image you want to project to the world.

Surgical procedures and facelifts are not the answer for  Derma Prime Plus everyone. So if you want to improve the deep lines and wrinkles, try using derma fillers to put on a happy face.

While it’s not a permanent solution, these types of fillers are a fabulous way to erase the signs of aging or sun wrinkles, or even plump up your lips. Two popular derma fillers on the market you may have heard about are Restylane and Juvederm.

These products work by using a natural ingredient, known as hyaluronic acid. In about 15 minutes, your doctor can inject this gel into your skin to fill in the creases and lines that have occurred over time. This procedure has very few side effects, most commonly a little puffiness or swelling, which can be treated with an ice pack. Recovery time is minimal, since you can usually carry on with the rest of your day right after the treatments, just as you normally would.

The effects of derma fillers are immediately noticeable and one treatment typically lasts about a year. While it does mean annual visits for another injection, it’s a much less risky solution than cosmetic procedures and surgeries. It’s also much more cost effective than facelifts or other alternatives.

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