With tons of recruitment software available from a multitude of suppliers, how can you be sure you choose the right one for your business? If you’ve used recruitment software within your organisation before, you may have a good idea of what you like or dislike, or what works best for you. Here are a few tips that will come in handy regardless of whether you’ve got a clear idea of your requirements or not.

Choosing the Right Software for Your Business Using Review Sites

We seem to be increasingly moving toward online, web-based software at the time of this article. There are still client-server applications available, but you need to think about your business and it’s location(s) before making a decision. If you have multiple office locations, then a web-based recruitment software solution may be for you Business Software Reviews. If you are operating from a single premises, or the internet and telecommunications in your area are not particularly fast or reliable, then a client-server application may be best suited.

Points To Check

A good starting point to figuring out the quality of after-sales service you’ll receive is right from the first phone call or email you make. Is it easy to contact the company you are thinking of purchasing the software from, or do you have to trawl through pages of information just to get an email address? Does the company respond promptly? Are they helpful in leading you to gain the full benefit from your recruitment software? Reviews online can be a handy place to start digging around – but how useful is a review from the company that designed the software?

Of course, if you have a recommendation from a business associate in the same field this can be a great help, but be sure that they are not recommending the software to you on the basis of their own business requirements – check that the software will cover the needs of your business before signing on the line.

Ask for a demo or run through from the provider – any company worth it’s salt will be more than happy to let you see the benefits of their product before making a serious decision. Make a checklist before or during your demo and make sure to include some of the points below.

Check During Your Recruitment Software Review:

  • Easy to contact the provider?
  • Clarity of instructions / support
  • Costs of setup / maintenance / upgrades
  • Workflow automation
  • Integration with website
  • Reliability/downtime of servers (particularly important with web-based systems)
  • Do they own the software, or are they just ‘resellers’
  • Communications integration (sms texts/emails)
  • Customisation – can you configure the system to suit your business?
  • Back up and security – do you backup yourself, or is it automated?
  • Audit trail – can you tell who did what, where, when and why from your logs?
  • Migration from existing system – can it be done? Is there a charge?

If you include at least some of the questions above in your recruitment software review before purchasing, then you will at least avoid some of the common problems when purchasing software of this complexity. The more notes you make, the less likely you are to say after signing up…”oh, I thought the system would enable us to…”

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