The Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship Fund is a typical example of a scholarship for single mothers that you can apply for just in case you decide to pursue your college education. Most single mothers are earning a low income because they were not able to finish their college education. This may be your chance to obtain a scholarship fund that you can use to make your life a lot better.

If you are 35 years and older, has clear vision and goals to finish a degree in college, and has the so called ‘grit factor’, you might qualify as a scholar. Going to back to college when you’re already a single mother can be hard, but you should never think that you don’t deserve this kind of opportunity.

Jeanette Rankin has been helping women for many years now and their scholars are now living a better and decent life. Just think of your children’s future. Going back to college is a personal Rankines choice, and it’s only you who can make changes in your life. Balancing family and education can be hard, but as long as you’re determined and committed, you can succeed.

The requirements for the JRF are the following – 35 years or older, woman, US citizen, accepted or enrolled in an accredited university/college, pursuing a bachelor or associates degree, and loving below the standard. If you are an eligible candidate, you should apply for the scholarship now. The income requirement will be computed based on your income and the members of the family.

As a scholar, you will be given a total of $2,000 wherein $1,000 will be awarded or given for the fall term and the remaining $1,000 foe the spring term. A financial aid office in your area will administer these awards, and you can use it for your books, child care, transportation, living expenses, and utilities. Because of the unrestricted nature of the awards, singe mothers can easily use the money in areas where financing is needed but without sacrificing their education.

The JRF can help you so be sure to apply for the scholarship if you’re determined to finish your college education. Scholarship for single mothers like the JRF is a valuable help to women out there.

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