Well I was surprised as well. A few weeks ago my family went to West Edmonton Mall and one of the attractions there is a sea lion show. I was not expecting too much but the people that were putting on the show were using a few marketing methods that I thought were great.

Bringing the people in
First of all if you are going to have any kind of a show in the mall you are going to have trouble hiding it from the people around. The show costs around $6 or so but people are able to watch the show from across the sea lion pools and also from behind a fence. There is a bit of opportunity to see the show for free and since the pools are wide open you can see them from a distance. This thing is thought the bleachers were the performance is taking place is only a few feet from the pools and everyone can see this. If any kid sees a show going on you can bet they will want to be in the bleachers for the next show and from the history of McDonalds we all know how good kids are at getting out a message 레플리카.

Used both Exclusivity and Scarcity
Well my kids saw pictures of cute sea lions and we were done. We had to go and watch, so we got the extra special pass that included seeing shark feeding and a touch and feel tank (great upsell features) and then we sat and waited for the show to start. Of course as the show started we got a bit of a sell again and then we got an extra special opportunity. Since we had paid to get in we could, it we were quick enough get a picture with a sea lion and then purchase that picture or CD from the gift shop. Oh and for safety no taking pics of the animals while this is going on.

I was floored, sure any parent that turned this down for their kid would seem terrible but no, I was instead amazed at how they could so easily use the exclusivity of us buying a ticket and also the scarcity of the limited passes all in the same message. Kids were excited, parents were excited, and we bought pictures.

We often see a lot of these opportunities as marketers, well I do anyway where we will see businesses succeed in spite of themselves. You see missed marketing opportunities everywhere and here I was at some sea lion show (which was really impressive and fun) and I got a lesson in marketing from the kids that were the animal trainers

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