Nursing started way back before it had become a profession today. Nuns in the convents offered nursing services for the sick. People would go to them for health services whether they were poor or rich. In the military, soldiers knew how to do first aid. They were the ones who took care of wounded comrades during wars. These have greatly influenced the field of nursing in present day. There are some hospitals headed by nuns and military bases. Even if private hospitals have emerged today, people can still be found trusting hospitals headed by nurses.

In the world today, many modern day Florence Nightingale’s can be seen doing an excellent job in nursing. It has become a profession which everyone respects. It has become more than just a capability but a skill. Nurses have an important role to play in our society when it comes to survival. People often rely on nurses for the survival of the patients as well as the health of the society. Nursing does not stop with being a doctor’s assistant but their work continues up to the ensuring the health of the patient until full recovery. They actually complement each other’s work with the doctor finding the cure while the nurse ensures that the patient is completely safe. Nurses exude selflessness which is bound by a vow similar to the Hippocratic Oath for doctors which means that they follow a strict code of ethics.

Nursing is a discipline which involves the maintenance, attainment and retaining of good health of the people. The science of nursing has been continually being developed through time with more standardized procedures being developed and approved. They ensure that their patients are in good condition. It requires more than just knowledge about this field. Nurses must have compassion, concern for the patients, skill and dexterity when it comes to caring for their patients. Besides from being a science, it also requires social skills. It can be hard dealing with different people on a daily basis. There will be a variety of encounters as well as patients who are hard to get along with. Nurses need to deal with them in the best way possible.

Modern nurses play a different role from before. Extensive training must be done by nurses in order to earn a degree. They need to know theoretical knowledge about nursing but this does not stop here. They also need to know how to apply clinical skills. American Nurses’ Association even defines a nurse as someone who is “responsible for diagnosing and treating human responses to health problems both during their course or prior to their onset.” If before, nursing just meant taking care of patients, now it is different. Nursing 私家看護 has branched out into different specializations. These fields include nursing, community health service and midwifery. There are different tests and exams which nurses must pass in order to have a specialization like a registered nurse. These titles are important when it comes to nursing since present your nursing skills enabling you to find jobs suited to your field.

Today, most people have become “second-degree” nurses. People who have been involved in a previous career switched to becoming a nurse instead. Why would people who have a stable job just drop it for studying again? This has become an in-demand job for people. More and more people are taking up nursing because of the opportunities that it presents to people. This has become enough reason for people to quit their previous jobs and enter into the world of nursing. Others till go into nursing because they want to return what they have through the services they will give as nurses. They would want to make a difference, touching people’s lives. Second-degree nurses come from all walks of life. There are rich people, middle class and poor. As compared to other nursing students, they have the strongest commitment with what they do. They know work ethics which can be really advantageous for the nursing profession. Many have traded their old lives for nursing. There are doctors, businessmen, and other professionals.

There are so many opportunities for nursing, some of which are in hospitals, nursing homes, medical facilities, schools, drug companies and other public health areas. Direct patient career is the most popular nursing job there is. A high demand for nurses in nursing homes increases the chance for nurses to immediately get a job. More and more people are sending the elderly to nursing home and this increases demand of nurses to cater to this increase. Rehabilitation facilities also provide job for nurses. Helping injured people recover is another opportunity for nurses.

There are more opportunities for people when they decide to become a nurse. These opportunities just keep on coming. Especially for second-degree nurses, they can combine their previous jobs with nursing. Businessmen may want to put up a nursing service business in order to apply both of his skills and earn from them. Nurses who have a teaching degree may teach patients while recovering from illnesses. They can also hold teaching classes about health issues to people in the hospital. Lawyers too who traded in their careers for nursing can help in the field of medical law. They can volunteer to help in making policies fair to patients and staff in the hospital.

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