To get high natural search results on search engines like Google and Yahoo, getting back links to your website is something that you cannot afford not to do. Although there are a lot of people that use SEO black hat strategies to obtain many back links, search engines nowadays can easily detect those folks. To get back links, you do not need to use any black hat strategies at all. Let me share with you some of the top link building strategies that will increase the link popularity of your site:

1. Directory links. Directory links are important one-way links for your site and you ought to include this type of link into your link building strategies. Some of more popular directories like Yahoo will require you to pay a certain amount of money to get listed. Many others are free of charge and you just need to spend some time to add your website to the right categories. However, do not go overboard with too many directories per month, as this may sometimes cause search engines to see you as a spammer. Making your directory linking more natural is the key to SEO success.

2. Article bio links. This type of link can be obtained by writing articles and submitting them to various article directories. If the content of your article is good, you will stand a chance of getting your articles syndicated to various websites. This will further increase your back links. You can also approach industry authority sites that accept submissions from guest writers. This is definitely a good way to get good authority links from high profile websites.

3. Press release links. Look for sites that offer press release submissions and syndication services. These sites link in bio usually have a large pool of sites to syndicate your press release to. By submitting a keyword optimized press release, you can be sure to get some good back links to your website. However, do prepare to spend some money for this type of service.

4. Reciprocal links. Although there have been a lot of talks that say reciprocal links are not important anymore, I beg to differ. By exchanging links with sites that are reputable and relevant, you can still get pretty good link juices for your site. Make some friends and look for strong links that are complementary to your site. When you are asking for a link exchange, make sure that you make known the benefits to the webmaster and do it sincerely.

5. RSS, social bookmarking or blog links. These types of links are not worth a lot but when done correctly; you can still pick up a whole bunch of them. Submit your sites to social book marking sites like Digg and Reddit, post comments on do-follow blogs, and syndicate your content to RSS directories.

When you are building links for your site, balance is the key to success. Do not go overboard and build hundreds of links in a single day. Spread it out and use all the tools that you can find to help you with it.

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