A dual – foam combination applicator pad that measures approximately four inches by six inches which means it provides great coverage when polishing larger areas. It will comfortably sit in the palm of your hand or can also be effectively held at one end by the fingertips to provide spot applications and to work tighter areas.

The yellow side is dense foam which is ideal for polishing and compounding as it helps to provide cutting power while the black side is a much softer foam and so is great for applying sealants and waxes. This means that the Sonus SFX Pro Foam applicator Sonus Complete is effectively two products in one, eliminating the need to buy separate applicators for polishing and protecting.

Polishing is not the only thing this applicator can be used for though, it is great for other car cleaning duties, for example the yellow side can be very effective at cleaning plastics & trim while the black side can be used to follow up with a dressing product. Leather can be thoroughly cleaned with the denser yellow side and then conditioned using the softer black side.

After being used for cleaning, polishing or waxing the foam applicator can be safely cleaned in the washing machine without it degrading or being damaged in any way and this will ensure all product residues are properly removed leaving it thoroughly clean and ready for use again.

The Sonus SFX Pro Foam Applicator is a great applicator pad, comfortable to use, long lasting and of course it offers the versatility that other applicator pads do not. An excellent choice.

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