The main thing people don’t consider is space, but along with that is the cost of investment, time put in and so much more. Many find browsing old vinyl records stores therapeutic, and most will agree there is just something about listening to these beauties.

Perhaps a DJ or music enthusiast would love to build a dream “library” room of old vinyl, or someone is just feeling nostalgic. Regardless, here are some considerations before jumping in.

What’s the Purpose of Buying Old Vinyl Records?

There’s no doubt that old vinyl records are a personal preference and very intimate when entertaining. Many enjoy the interaction with the turntable and the warm sound that take them back to a simpler time.

Whether listening alone or with friends, there’s a great vibe to any moment that’s spent listening to vinyl. Imagine putting on a great album, definitely a favourite band and enjoying a drink after a long, hard day. The stress truly just melts away when enjoying an old vinyl record.

Necessary Equipment

There are even more options in 2016 when it comes to turntables. There are many affordable and basic styles as well as very hip looks that one can implement into their décor at home. Some have pre-amps built in which is nice.

Speakers are essential too, and a receiver helps. Some have a speaker built in. It’s all up to personal taste but it’s important to make sure all items are compatible before making an investment. There are plenty of vintage options at old vinyl records stores.

Purchasing New Music

There are many places where one can purchase old vinyl records. Stores are great because of the knowledgeable employees who are usually music lovers and can make great suggestions. Others prefer to stay home and browse online stores which have a great selection as well, and 收擴音機 if advice is needed they have chat or phone to help.

When investing in old vinyl records be sure to look them over with care. Not everyone is meticulous about caring for their belongings, and nothing is worse than bringing home music only to not be able to play it. Most online sellers display a system that will tell you condition and even if the album would be a good match for the collection at hand.

Ready the Space

Upon first starting out a ton of space isn’t necessary, however as the collection grows more shelving and area will be needed. Consider how large the collection may be and work for obtaining an area to house it. Old vinyl records don’t do anyone any good when shoved in boxes in the attic. They should be on display near the player so they can be enjoyed.

Don’t stock up on a bunch of records that may or may not be listened to. Make the collection specific to what is enjoyable to listen to, only buy old vinyl records from favourite bands.

Make a List of Favourite Bands

A list is so helpful when planning a vinyl collection. Many bands offer up vinyl on their websites as well, and as a member of the fan club it can be discounted so it pays to look. In addition, they often sell vinyl at live shows that is difficult to get anywhere else. Attend a show, then have them sign the sleeve of the vinyl for a great addition to the collection!

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