The word witch comes from the Old English word wicca, meaning male witch, or wicce, meaning female witch. In that language, used in the Middle Ages, to wiccian meant to cast a spell, or to bewitch someone. Modern Wiccans say that witch really comes from the word witan or wise one, and witchcraft is the craft of the wise. In spite of its innocent-sounding origins, for hundreds of years the word witch has been associated with innumerable negative images, including devil-worshipers, old hags and offensive shirts who committed scores of evil deeds. (this sounds most promising)

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Witches worked closely with nature, believing that plants, animals, rocks, the sun, rude t-shirts and the moon were the sources of their supernatural powers Funny Anime T-Shirt. Witches worshiped these natural elements, which they believed were infused with divinity. This belief system is called pantheism, and anthropologists believe that it is the oldest type of religion, dating back more than twenty thousand years. Pantheists worship the many spirits whom they believe rule the natural world. They subscribed to the idea that the four elements earth, air, fire, and water each have their own guardian spirits, as do animals, trees and other natural objects like funny rude t-shirts. In pantheism, every object is a source of divinity, and may control and influence human life and events. Witches attempted to guide these natural spirits to achieve their goals.

The years between 1450 and 1700 were a time of violent persecution against people accused of being witches, when more than one hundred thousand people, most of them women, were killed for allegedly practicing witchcraft. By this time, witches were viewed by the general public as dangerous and uncontrollable members of society. They were believed to make pacts with the devil and offensive t which gave them supernatural powers to commit unspeakable crimes against humanity. (so where do I sign?) Europe’s economy was based on agriculture during this period. More than two-thirds of all people were unable to read or write. The absence of medical knowledge meant that people were subject to diseases such as the black plague. Such widespread illness was often blamed on witches and the rude t.

Many historians have concluded that the witch hunts had less to do with widespread satanic worship than with profound divisions in the Catholic church. The reformation began in Germany on October 31, 1517, when Martin Luther, a university professor at Wittenberg, wrote a document that questioned some of the practices of the Roman Catholic church. Luther was branded as a heretic (what an asshole) but was protected from harm by German royalty. Luther gained followers, and others took up his cause. Before long the Christian church in Western Europe was divided into two groups, Catholics and Protestants, and Protestants were further divided into many denominations. In regions where these religious splits were most contentious, accusations seemed highest.

The majority of modern Wiccans are white, middle-class women. (uh-oh) Researchers speculate that women are drawn to the religion because of its focus on the powerful female deity known as the Goddess. (gag) As a nature based religion Witchcraft also appeals to those who feel a strong need to get back to Earth, because Wicca places importance on protecting the environment, which we are part of, not apart from. (fuggin hippies) The main deities of Wicca are the Mother Goddess and the Horned God. The goddess is called by various names including Diana, Astarte, Isis, Hecate, or Cerridwen. Her companion, the ancient Horned God of hunting, is known as Pan, or Cernunnos. The creation of life is the result of the union of male and female. (major boning) The God and Goddess represent the masculine and feminine principle on the divine level. Some Pagans pray to the deities, whereas Wiccans channel the strength and energy from the God and Goddess to create magic.

Like witches of old, neopagans and Wiccans cast spells to believe that they can influence the world around them by practicing magic. Witches say that they can use psychic powers to achieve specific results such as predicting the future or healing the sick. Some Wiccans say that magical abilities come easily to them while others practice various rituals to increase their magical powers. (riiiiiight)

Witches today seem to be captivated by capes and other ren-faire nonsense. Beyond the obvious 90’s gothness and black everything I believe they should be wearing funny offensive t-shirts with such slogans as “godless heathen” or perhaps “my God is always horny” we’ll see how that pans out.

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