If you have ever thought that exhibiting is too expensive then now is the time to take a long hard look into it again. Executed correctly, exhibitions can be a very important and profitable part of your marketing strategy. The key to their success is not to think cheap, but to think smart by ensuring your stand maximises its potential and is a reflection of your company profile.

Modular exhibition stands offer great versatility, delivered in a very stylish way. If you have used custom built stands in the past you will know how expensive they can be. While they are reusable, there are normally significant costs involved in breakdown, refurbishment and set-up.

This is where a modular stand starts to pay for itself. All the hardware for the stand will either slot or screw together and each section can be positioned in any number of configurations to create stunning stands of all shapes and sizes. The walls are made by stands assembling ‘Foamex’ panels that can feature either plain colours or eye catching graphics. Each section is a standard size allowing the graphic panels to be moved around as required.

As your stand requirements grow, new sections can be added easily, providing the flexibility to exhibit at large and small shows using the same equipment – this in turn reduces the environmental impact of your exhibition campaign. Furthermore, less man hours are required to build the stand, while transportation costs are reduced greatly due to the portable nature of modular systems.

When you are not exhibiting, the display can be utilised as a showroom in your office or factory, representing a great opportunity to advertise the full extent of your services to existing clients. Whether you are looking to reduce the cost of custom exhibition stands or want to raise your profile from shell scheme stands, modular is the smart way forward.

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