A lot of people think that in order to get healthy, they need to give up all alcohol. Fortunately, this is not the case. Here’s a guide to healthy alcoholic drinks that will allow you to celebrate a little without getting a beer belly in the process.

The Health Benefits of Alcohol

When consumed in moderation, alcohol has more positive long-term health implications than negative ones. It increases insulin sensitivity, reduces your chance of getting diabetes, and increases HDL (good) cholesterol.

However, the risks of drinking too much are massive, from car accidents to liver damage. So keep it classy, and stick with just a drink or two every night.

Sugar – Your Worst Drinking Buddy

But just because you’re drinking in moderation doesn’t mean you’re being healthy. Most popular drinks are so loaded with sugar to drown out the alcohol taste that you might as well be drinking pancake syrup. Excess sugar in the diet can lead to obesity, diabetes, and even tooth decay. Not good. The key characteristic of all healthy alcoholic drinks is that they contain little to no sugar.

The Best of the Best

So if the best drinks are those that aren’t full of sugary mixers, it stands to reason that the healthiest drinks are the “straight” ones. Dry wines are a great bet. Beer can be okinawa flat belly tonic problematic – they don’t call it a beer gut for nothing! It’s best to stick with light beers with lower carb counts.

If you enjoy mixed drinks and cocktails, you have a wide variety of things to mix with. However, mixers are often problematic due to their high sugar content. The best solution is to use soda water and a squeeze of lime. But many mixers also come in diet versions, with lower sugars and calories. Stick with diet tonic and sodas when you can. Here’s a list of drinks that are the best bets:

  • Dry champagne (look for wines labeled “brut”)
  • Dry white wine (sauvignon blanc, chardonnay)
  • Dry red wine (syrah, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon)
  • Light beer (such as Amstel Light)

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