Okay, you’ve put it off long enough. Everyone’s talking about how great high-definition TV looks; how sharp the picture is, how vivid the colors are. But you’re still watching a ten-year-old CRT television in standard definition. It’s time to take the leap into the 21st century and buy your first hi-def TV. But which brand? Which model? How much is this going to cost you? And what’s so great about the LG 32LH30? Well, that’s what we hope to help you answer.

Make no mistake about it, this LCD flat-panel television is an entry-level set. The price will tell you that immediately. But don’t let the price mislead you. Because what it won’t tell you is all the features included in the LG 32LH30 that are not normally found at this price point, and why we think it stands out as a steal among flat-panel LCD televisions. It’s the reason we decided to write a 32LH30 review.

  • For starters, you get a full 1080p high-definition picture. That ¬†Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic¬† won’t always matter with cable or broadcast channels, as most don’t transmit in that format, but you’re going to love the way it looks when you watch your favorite movie on BluRay DVD. The pictures are stunning.
  • You get a full complement of the most important input/output ports. There are three HDMI ports to allow you the highest quality hook up for components using only one cable for both audio and video. HDMI is a godsend.
  • You’ll also get HD component and composite video inputs as well as an input for your PC and an RS-232 control port, not typical on an entry-level flat panel. The only thing missing here, and it’s a fairly minor quibble, is an S-video input.
  • There are multiple analog AV inputs with composite video, so you don’t need to throw out all those pre high-def audio/video components, plus an optical digital audio output to plug into your home theater amplifier. All in all, a very impressive set of “holes” for a TV with this price tag.
  • LG has also included some technologies from it upscale models, including 24p Real Cinema, 20W Dolby Digital audio with SRS TruSurround XT, a 50,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio, and a smart energy saving option that complies with the new Energy Star 3.0 specification.
  • LG’s proprietary Picture Wizard provides extensive picture controls to produce accurate color rendition. Quick AV Mode II allows instant selection from three different AV modes: cinema, sports, or games. Your home computer or game console has never looked so good!

The “32” in LG32LH30 tells you that this is a 32 inch (diagonally measured) screen. That’s the perfect size for a small to medium sized den or living room, and for any but the smallest bedroom. The glossy black thin design is clean and modern, and comes with a matching table-top swivel stand. The speakers are invisible, presenting a very sleek look. This panel can also be wall or ceiling mounted using an optional bracket.

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