Facebook games demonstrate plenty of popularity in the past year. As Facebook adds more games to its already huge entertainment menu maybe you are wondering which games are the best and most fun to play. This article can give separate game reviews for all the twenty-five top Facebook games for 2010.

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To start the Facebook Game reviews, we will start with taking a look at the number one game on Facebook called FarmVille. FarmVille which will be created by Zynga currently has approximately 73,800,000 monthly users and keeps growing at a regular upward pace. FarmVille is just a game in which you may become a farmer  F95zone.FarmVille allows you to communicate with friends and family and even become neighbors with them. Basically you is going to do everything a farmer does while playing FarmVille. Planting, plowing, harvesting and growing an effective farm. Just make sure when playing this game that you harvest your plants on time. Different plants have different occuring times for harvesting and in the event that you don’t harvest in time the plants will die. By looking after your farm you will get more points and rise in level.

Birthday Cards holds the spot of second hottest game of 2010. Birthday Cards is created by RockYou and has approximately 32,000,000 users per month F95zone. While using the Birthday Cards game you can customize and send free cards, make use of a birthday calendar, have a personal birthday list and personal reminders. The game also allows you too start your personal birthday zoo. This is popular for people who want to keep in mind their friend’s birthdays and send cards on Facebook.

The 3rd hottest game on Facebook is Café World which will be created by Zynga. Café World has approximately 31,000,000 active users per month F95zone. Café world is just a fun game to play in the event that you ever dreamed of owning your personal restaurant. When playing this game you can cook, bake sauté and make anything you would like when playing Café World. When playing Café World you’re the cook and the restaurant owner therefore you must hire servers. When hiring a server on Café World you can choose one of your Facebook friends. Be sure to also have a lot of food ready for the guests.

The fourth hottest game on Facebook is Happy Aquarium which will be created by CrowdStar. Happy Aquarium has approximately 27,000,000 active users per month. When playing Happy Aquarium on Facebook you will have the ability to create your personal fish tank. This can be achieved by purchasing fish and other creatures. Be sure to always feed your fish when playing Happy Aquarium because the fish can die just like in real life. This can be a fun game for people who love wish and wish they had an aquarium in their home. The bad thing about that game is that you can’t feed friends and family fish if you see that they are dying.

The fifth hottest game on Facebook is FishVille which will be created by Zynga. FishVille has approximately 24,000,000 active users per month. FishVille is much like Happy Aquarium in which you set up your personal fish tank and look after the fish. When you’re done raising your fish you can sell them for coins and points. Like Happy Aquarium you will maintain your fish tank or your poor creatures will die.

The sixth hottest game on Facebook is Mafia Wars which will be created by Zynga. Mafia Wars has approximately 24,000,000 active users per month. The goal of playing Mafia Wars is to grow your Mafia family. This can be achieved by inviting your Facebook friends to participate you at Mafia Wars. Another goal is to improve your group’s wealth and supply friends and family with weapons. What it comes down to is whoever has the largest and the strongest Mafia could be the group that comes on top.

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