These reasons to recycle your old mobile for cash will give you more of an insight into why people do. At the end of the day, there is only so much you can say on the matter. But there is still a way to go when it comes to mobile phone recycling so that it truly can have a helping effect on our Environment.

Reason 1. For money

Plain and simply for the monetary incentive of getting cash for your old mobile phone. Studies have shown that statistically around 80% of people would only recycle their mac 機回收 mobile for money or some other incentive. Fortunately this is the case for working and broken phones alike. And you can even get Gift Vouchers for mobile phones now.

Reason 2. It’s good for the Environment

As you may know, the recycling of mobile phones (and similar electrical gadgets) helps the Environment in a number of ways. It reduces landfill for starters. Where mobiles, and their batteries, can contaminate the earth and grounds natural food and water supply which can cost millions more to treat safely. It also reduces mining in places where there are delicate ecological systems or endangered species of wildlife. All the metals, plastics, glass and materials from the phone can be extracted and used again in new products. So by recycling your mobile you are essentially offsetting it’s carbon footprint which means less damage to the Environment.

Reason 3. It helps other people

When you recycle your mobile. It goes through checks and stages. It can either be refurbished and then resold on again to other people. Maybe those in poorer countries where they can not afford new mobiles but need to stay in touch with family and friends etc. Or it can have its working parts taken out and used as replacement parts in other mobiles that are sold on again this way. Or wisely, it is recycled completely to make new products which can in turn, help people out in other ways there too.

Reason 4. It inspires people

Despite the research statistics in reason 1. Many more people are now recycling their old mobiles and gadgets. I believe because of a mixture of things. (a) The awareness raised around mobile phone recycling. (b) The economy and peoples financial situations and (c). A genuine care for the Environment and a will to want to recycle. By doing so and getting cash for your mobile, you’ll be encouraging other people to do the same. In turn this will create a viral effect (As it has). And mean more people recycling, more carbon offsetting and less damage to the Environment.

Reason 5. It’s heaps of fun!

Many people up and down the country. The old and young alike, are digging out and dusting off their old mobile phones and electronic devices and recycling them for cash to a certain mobile recycling site. It’s a pleasure to get some cash back for the old mobiles and gadgets you don’t use anymore. And you can even get cash for broken phones so it’s rewarding when you get a price for your mobile and are surprised by how much you can actually get.

So there you have 5 reasons for recycling mobile phones. I hope you remember these when it comes to you wanting to do the same. And please do tell people about these if you know they have an old mobile they want to recycle too. You’ll be doing them, yourself and the Environment a favor at the same time.

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