Testimonials are vitally important to any online sales process. Yet many Internet marketers think they can slap up just anything and get the results they want. But, the credibility of the testimonials you use on your website is often overlooked.

Credibility of the testimonials on your sales page is critical to your entire sales process. So many websites have just a basic text testimonial that could be written by anybody. It doesn’t matter if you’ve included their first and last name, city and business. It just doesn’t look credible.

The most basic of text testimonials will have ufabet มือถือ something like Jane N. as the name of the person providing the testimonial. These have zero credibility. Even if you’ve added a city and state to it like “Jane N., Boulder, CO” it doesn’t climb very far up the credibility ladder.

It’s so important to add a picture of the person providing the testimonial and, if at all possible, an audio. The audio can be exactly what their written testimonial says in spoken format. It’s next to impossible to manufacture a testimonial that has an audio with it. Therefore, more credible.

And, with video becoming even more popular, video testimonials will have even higher credibility and probably improve conversion on any sales page. But, as we discussed before, be sure to TEST it.

Don’t overlook the importance of testimonials on your website. A second rate effort on your testimonials will lead to second rate results in your sales. And that’s a path that no one wants to go down.

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