Choosing an engagement ring requires a lot of consideration, but what about another piece of jewelry that a wedding ring will always wear? Engagement ring is a symbol of marriage promise, 婚戒 and wedding ring is a symbol of actual marriage. When exchanging gifts at a wedding ceremony, your wedding ring will tell the world that you are the “other half” of someone else.

Since your wedding ring will be worn for the rest of your life, you need to choose carefully. If you have some useful tips to guide, then choosing a wedding ring will be much easier. Read on to learn the main tips for buying wedding rings and shop for your wedding rings in a smart way.

The preferred tips for buying wedding rings are:


Before you and your fiance step into the jewelry store, you should make a budget for the wedding ring. The general guideline is to set aside 3% of the wedding budget for wedding rings. However, because each couple’s wedding budget is different, you don’t have to adhere to this standard percentage. If you already have an idea, do it. With a pre-set budget, shopping will be easier once you start, and it will also narrow your choices.

The price will vary depending on the metal you choose and whether you need other products (such as diamonds or custom decorations). The price of a typical gold wedding ring is usually around US$150, but a platinum ring with embellishments starts at around US$600 and then starts to rise.

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