Today I want to talk about your niche. A niche is a business that targets a very specific group of people with shared interests, passions or desire.

An example of this would be a vapor shop, these are really popular now and people who smoke now have an option to help them quit for good.

These specialty stores are everywhere now.

You can find them on corners by 7-11, across the street from Starbucks and even in truck stops.

A good example of what a broad niche is are big box stores like Target. They have food, clothing and electronics… something for everyone.

The great thing about focusing on a popular niche (like vapor) is because it’s very specific and people pay premium prices for their favorite flavor.

Some people are passionate about providing the best product to the general public.

People who have researched your “brand” will make the decision to try your product once.

Merchants know that if you buy something from them, chances are you will buy from them again.

Especially if you’re satisfied with the quality of the product and level of service.

By establishing trust and value up front, it shows they care more about you than the sale.

Don’t smoke or quit like I did? You can make your hobby into a niche.

All you need is an idea, even your work THC Vapes Shop experience or personal background.

Is there something you do everyday that you’re passionate about?

Is that something you KNOW people would be interested in?

Then go for it!

Simply determine by due diligence what your target market is.

Is your niche more for business to business (B2B)?

Or is it more of a specialized product or service?

In fact, the more you narrow down your target market, the better it will do.

For example, if your product or service is for young adults that smoke, that’s a huge market and it might be enough to consider.

However, young Hispanic males, ages 18 to 40, that currently use vapor products.

This is a good start, it’s more targeted.

What about White males, ages 18 to 40, annual income level above $40,000, and currently use vapor products.

This is definitely more focused, do you see how this works?

Continue to target even more and this will be a winning niche.

This niche could have longterm benefits, a steady supply of customers and if planned right, allow you more backend sales.

If the niche you were thinking about doesn’t follow these steps, you should consider more ideas.

“Be someone no one thought you could be”.

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