If you have ever tried to use an international express delivery service for a product that is priced locally, then you know the hassle and time consuming nature of the task. I have tried it many times, and it is not a good idea. International shipping can be very expensive, especially when the item must be shipped within a country that has very high international shipping charges. I will explain why I dislike this type of service below.

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The main reason I say that international shipping is costly is because of customs clearance. When an international delivery is made through an international express delivery service, the package is going to be held at customs for any additional processing time it needs before being shipped to the recipient. When these services are used, your parcel may take weeks to arrive due to customs clearing. This can take longer than a local courier company could possibly provide.

It is very frustrating dealing with long queues at customs, only to receive damaged goods that you have paid for in advance. There are many other reasons, as well. When dealing with international courier services, you have no recourse for damaged goods. I have seen countless times where international express services have been unusable because goods were sent to the wrong address https://www.guihangdinuocngoai.com.vn/gia-cuoc-gui-hang-di-my-qua-buu-dien.html.

Parcels that go missing through the mail can be incredibly frustrating. I had a parcel recently returned to me because it was missing a stamp. The post office failed to record that this parcel had gone missing, so I was charged two postage fees for three parcels, instead of one. It costs money to track missing parcels, and courier services don’t always track these packets very well. Your best bet is to use a reputable and established courier service to deliver packages.

Another reason why I am so frustrated with my local courier service is that they only ever offer one style of delivery. Courier services from the US to Canada usually only allow express deliveries. This is not suitable for international transit time or on-line orders. Even if they do allow one option, it might take up to 3 working days to get your package to its destination (as opposed to the usual shipping time of one working day to one day). This type of delivery is unsuitable for many international orders, as it means you will have to drive or fly to get it there.

Some couriers in the UK also only offer local delivery. The great thing about local delivery is that you are more likely to meet the person who will be receiving the goods. However, many people would rather have the goods delivered overnight than have their local delivery company wait for them at customs. For these people, Indian courier companies are an ideal solution. They can make sure that the goods arrive to you safely and on time.

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