If you hear yeast infection, the automatic reaction would be disgust, to put it bluntly, and if you are the one that suffers from it, then embarrassment. However, you have to understand that no matter what other people may think, a yeast infection is a fungal infection; Fungi? Yes, everyone has it in their bodies. The problem is that your immune system has been weakened and was not able to keep the body’s balance in check. The only thing you need to concentrate in is strengthening your immune system, and curing the overgrowth of the fungi that cause yeast infections.

Contrary to popular belief, yeast infections keravita pro can develop not only because of sexual contact but also due to other conditions such as pregnancy, birth control pills, steroids, antibiotics, and some ailments like diabetes and HIV. If you acknowledge that you are using any of the above medications or are pregnant, have diabetes or HIV, you also acknowledge that you are at risk for a yeast infection.

A natural remedy for yeast infection is yeast boric acid. Yeast boric acid suppositories are made of a chemical compound with antiseptic and antifungal properties. Women with recurrent infections have been subjected to a topical treatment of boric acid and it has been proven that boric acid is as effective, if not more so, that an -azole cream itraconazole. In a separate study, it was found that boric acid vaginal suppositories are more effective in curing vaginal yeast infections that fluconazole. Also, yeast, with boric acid treatments, recur more infrequently, and in some cases, were completely eradicated than with prescription drugs whether oral or topical.

However, if you are considering boric acid as a treatment, you have to be aware that boric acid is toxic and is not recommended for open cuts; boric acid cannot be taken orally as well. If you are pregnant, do not even think of applying boric acid to affected areas. Boric acid should also not be given to children who are suffering from fungal infections.

Tea tree oil is another natural remedy for yeast infection aside from boric acid. Tea tree oil is safer, since it is non-toxic and does not cause irritation if applied topically. It seems that a substance called terpinen-4-ol is an effective cure for yeast infections. However, there have not been any conclusive studies on the effectiveness of tea tree oil.

You will also find a lot of literature on the apparent effectiveness of probiotics for the natural treatment of yeasts infections. These are microbial organisms that are naturally present in the body and can fight off fungi. There are probiotic supplements that can be bought in the market. These live microorganisms though, should be taken in large quantities to ensure that they assist in the killing of yeast growths. Additionally, you should know what type of prebiotics would be effective for the particular fungi that are causing your problem. Lactobacilli, for instance, can inhibit the growth of candida that cause yeast infection in women’s genitalia.

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